Are Coding Bootcamps Worth the Money?

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth the Money?

Learning to code is an exciting new step towards a rewarding career. Most coders get trained at universities for their profession, which can take years of intense training. However, there are other educational options for coders, including focused and fast-paced coding boot camps. They are not for everyone, but coding bootcamps are becoming much more prevalent. 

Coding bootcamps are worth the money because they provide skills that result in a vast majority of attendees getting jobs. Coding bootcamps are also less expensive than full university degrees and provide much of the same information and training. 

Suppose you are considering a career in coding or a professional trying to shore up and polish your skills. In that case, coding bootcamps are a vital resource. Everyone will get valuable information and skill support from a coding boot camp from novice to advanced coders. Read on to find out more about why coding bootcamps are worth the money. 

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are for those willing to put in the work and looking for a fast-paced curriculum that jettisons them into a coding job. These programs are called ‘boot camps’ because of their fast pace and strenuous nature. 

Coding bootcamps are fast-paced, in-depth programs that train students with no coding knowledge to skilled, employable coders in about three and a half months. The goal of a coding bootcamp is employment.  

Aspects of the Coding Bootcamp Experience

In a coding Bootcamp, you usually receive some pre-course material that helps get you ready for the in-depth course load. These pre-courses are incredibly important for applicants. Once the classes begin, they run so quickly that there is limited time to learn foundational skills. 

The central aspect of a coding boot camp is that they get aimed at placing you in a job in a matter of months instead of years. They also sometimes provide materials like laptops, accommodations for your attendance, and other amenities that help you get ready for the courses you are about to take. These amenities are much like a university experience. 

Universities that produce coders usually require students to finish bachelor’s degrees before graduation into internships or job placement. These degrees typically take four years or more to complete. Compare that with the three to four months it takes for a coding boot camp or twelve months for self-teaching yourself coding.  It is no wonder that people prefer anything but a university degree for coding. 

Here’s Why Coding Bootcamps are Worth the Money

We’ll cover what you can expect to spend on a bootcamp in the next section. But before we get into dollars, let’s go over the benefits of coding bootcamp and why they are worth paying for.

  • They are a kickstart. Coding bootcamps are fun and informative. The fast-paced nature of a bootcamp can provide what professional coders need for a revitalization of their career, and novice coders need essential skills building. 
  • Camaraderie. The intense experience of a bootcamp creates bonds. When you are so hyper-focused on developing skills and knowledge with your peers, it helps fortify new relationships in your career. 
  • They lead to jobs that pay well. If you still aren’t convinced that coding bootcamps are worth the money, consider the statistics that represent their success.  The most prominent indicator of the success and worth of coding bootcamps is the increase in salary that coders report upon completion of this course. On average, coders who take coding bootcamps report salaries of over $66,000, an almost 30% increase. 
  • Confidence-building. Money spent on a Bootcamp for coding not only propels your career in coding in the right direction but makes you a more confident employee when you get hired for your first tech job. In a recent survey, 80% of those surveyed said they got employed in a position that used the skills they learned in a Bootcamp with an average salary increase of 51%. 

Put together, these benefits illustrate why the experience of a coding bootcamp is a valuable one. 

In Fact, a Coding Bootcamp Might Save You Money 

Finally, consider that a formal computer science degree from a top-rated university is going to cost you somewhere in the range of $160,000. It is comparing that to the few thousand that bootcamps cost, and it is obvious why the bootcamps are so popular and preferred. 

How Much Coding Bootcamps Cost

Before you determine if a coding boot camp is worth the money, we must choose the differences in cost options for all of the bootcamps out there. Even though there are only two different options, being online or in person, out there for coding bootcamps, the costs for attendance vary greatly. 

As a general rule, coding bootcamps can cost anywhere from $5,000 to more than $20,000. Depending on the quality, reputation, and available resources of a coding bootcamp, students might end up paying quite different tuition fees. 

Knowing the cost difference between coding bootcamps is the first step in deciding if they are a good decision for you and which bootcamp you may finally attend. 

A Look at the Costs of Different Coding Bootcamps

Below are some of the most popular coding bootcamps separated by cost. There are four different tiers of cost options in the chart below ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, $10,000 to $15,000, $15,000 to $20,000, and more than $20,000.

Cost Name of Coding BootcampBest features
$6950Coding NomadsVeterans and women scholarshipsIn-Depth Java trainingDistance learning
$7800Episodes Financing and scholarship opportunities are availableJob placement support
$9750Grand CircusFinancing availableAutomatic $1000 scholarship for women, veterans, and those in groups underrepresented in tech companiesNo pre-work necessary
$9995DevPoint LabsPre-work is available by distance learning remotelyScholarships available for women and those underrepresented in tech companies
$11,00Iron HackShort nine-week length10% scholarship for womenAvailable as full-time and part-time for those currently working
$11,900Dev MountainHousing included for in-person learningScholarships and financing are availableThree campus locations are available
$12,000Bottega60 hours of precourse materialsPython, Java, and many more disciplines training
$12,000Code FellowsMany scholarship opportunitiesPre-course information is available at self-paced lessons
$14,000V School$1400 scholarship automatically for women and underrepresented minorities in tech companies30 hours of pre-work materials available before the course begins
$15,000Flatiron150 hours of pre-trainingScholarships and financing are available
$15,5000Tech Elevator30 hours of pre-material availableScholarships and funding are available
$16,895Hackbright AcademyCareer-prep course includedScholarships and funding are available20-hours of pre-work
$17,980Hack ReactorFour weeks of prep courses includedVariety of ongoing scholarships available for all interested parties
$20,000Turing$4000 scholarship availableLaptop included with full payment of tuitionFour weeks of pre-course prep work are available
$24,000Rithm School80-100 hours of prep work includedMerit scholarships availableVariety of ongoing scholarships available for all interested parties

As you can see, there is a wide variety of coding bootcamps. The costs for attending coding boot camps all vary widely because of the quality of the instruction, the available materials, the access of pre-materials for prepping, and the location of the Bootcamp. The areas of bootcamps are becoming less important with the advent of many online schools. 

What are the Best Coding Bootcamps 

While there are many benefits for most coding bootcamps out there, not all coding bootcamps are created equal. Choosing the correct coding Bootcamp depends on several factors, including the cost, the length of courses, and the job success rates. Even though there are many options, some, like Codeup, which boasts an 87% employment rate, are the best. 

Some coding bootcamps in the United States are known for being rigorous instilling essential knowledge for various topics and coding types. These bootcamps boast great matriculation rates for their students into higher-paying coding positions. Other coding bootcamps are great because they have the highest percentages of graduates getting excellent paying jobs after graduation. 

What Makes One Coding Bootcamp Better Than Another?

The best coding bootcamps are usually accredited by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. Many other factors make a coding boot camp high quality and worth the money that it cost. Below is a list of the factors that make up some of the best coding bootcamps in the United States. 

  • Online Available: Giving students the ability and the convenience for online access of files and instruction is a huge asset for any coding boot camp program. Not only can they help support students while they are working on their work in real-time, but they have support resources available at all times. 
  • Many different courses: There are several popular types of coding in the world. A boot camp that offers a variety of techniques covering some or all of these options of coding language is more valuable for prospective students. Also, there are different offshoots from coding, such as cybersecurity, product design, and data science. When these extra courses are available, the school is more valuable. 
  • Rates are affordable: The costs for tuition constitute a significant concern of many who attend coding bootcamps. Some schools may even offer a full tuition refund if their students do not receive job offers within a certain amount of time. 
  • Job finding support and placement: If a school does not work with companies and find their students internships and jobs, they are much less valuable than those schools that connect students with assignments. One thing that makes a coding boot camp the best is offering one-on-one coaching and support in finding a job after graduation. 
  • Membership with Council on Integrity in Results Reporting: The reporting and auditing body for coding bootcamps and schools is done through COunil on Integrity in Results Reporting. A school that is not a member of this organization and is not accredited is probably not worth your money because this group checks the programs for success and integrity to do what they advertise. 

Even though there has been an over 33% increase in the numbers of people registering for coding bootcamps since 2018, the reality is that there is only a handful considered the best. 

When you consider signing up for a coding boot camp, it is a decision that gets based on passion and your pocketbook. Doing a coding boot camp may seem like a lot of money upfront. However, compared to a formal degree, it is only a drop in the bucket. Regardless, there are many scholarships available for the tuition of coding boot camps. 

Who Can Get a Scholarship for a Coding Bootcamp?

Whether you are a member of a group that is underrepresented in the tech company realm, or a person in a situation of dire economic and financial hardships, they are coding boot camp scholarships for you. 

Coding bootcamp scholarships are available to a wide range of people, including with disabilities, women, people of color, LGBTQ+, veterans, and needs-based scholarships. Awards range from financial assistance to full tuition coverage. 

Most of the coding boot camps out there offer some form of tuition assistance, and almost all of them have financing options for prospective students. However, only a select few provide full scholarships and money for those in the groups listed above. Below is a list of the best coding bootcamps for getting scholarships. 

Scholarships for All

Scholarships for all people are rare. However, several out there might require a writing performance or some other part of the sign-up process. Once you sign up, all you have to do is wait and pray for you to get accepted as a scholarship recipient. 

The best scholarships for all people include: 

  • Galvanize Scholarship: Much like the DevMountain Adversity Scholarship, this full-ride scholarship gets awarded to any student who the board feels displays perseverance and integrity in their lives through complex personal challenges. You must fill out an application online and get accepted to the coding boot camp of your choice at Hack Reactor coding school. 
  • DevMountain Adversity Scholarship: This full-ride scholarship gets awarded to those who have proved themselves tenacious in the face of great personal turmoil in their lives. The scholarship is for $5,000 of tuition towards a Devmouth coding boot camp attendance and requires answering a few questions online. 

Scholarships for all people are rare. You should write a well-organized application letter, get all of your scholarship materials in on time, and get accepted to your boot camp program in advance. 

Scholarships for LGBTQ+ 

The LGBTQ+ community has some options for scholarships in the tech world, mainly because they are underrepresented. Transgender people are a group that gets offered some full-tuition scholarships, as well as other benefits. 

A few of the best scholarships for LGBTQ+ people attending coding boot camps are listed below: 

  • Transgender Veterans Scholarship: This scholarship is a full-tuition paid scholarship for those transgender servicemen or women. This scholarship only requires an application and an acceptance letter into the boot camp of your choice from the Code Platoon boot camp school. 
  • Tech Elevator Represent Tech Scholarship: Tech Elevator believes that the aptitude for coding is displaced evenly through the population of all people. They wish to support underrepresented groups, such as those who identify as LGBTQ+ by covering the entire $15,000 tuition for any of their coding boot camps. 

Scholarships for People of Color

People of Color have many different scholarships options available to them. Along with a host of partial scholarship grants, people of color have some great options for scholarships that cover their entire tuition for a coding boot camp. 

Some of the best scholarships for people of color are listed below: 

  • Code Fellows African American Scholarships: This scholarship is a full-paid tuition scholarship for African American students interested in attending any coding boot camp at the Code Fellow organization. Supporting African Americans in tech-related jobs is essential because Code Fellows believe that many give up the path towards success in this field because of a lack of mentors and role models.
  • LEARN Academy Diversity Scholarship: One of the more accessible applications for a scholarship is the LEARN Academy scholarship for people of color. They give out many of these each year and provide up to $2,000 tuition assistance for those that qualify. 

Scholarships for Veterans

Many coding boot camp organizations give some incentive for veterans to sign up and take the course. Several even offer fully paid tuition for veterans or the spouse or child of a veteran. 

Some of the best programs for veteran scholarships include: 

  • Code Platoon Remote-Learner Scholarship: This scholarship gets set up for veterans who need to learn coding from home because of family or other obligations. The sign-up is simple, and you can pay entirely for your tuition to the Code Platoon coding boot camp if you are accepted. The application is available online and requires some documents and reflection questions answered. 
  • Opportunity in Tech: DevPoint Labs offers a 50% tuition rebate for veterans who sign up and get accepted to the scholarship program. For this scholarship, a written portion is required that asks service members to define their military service and how it defines them as unique team members. 

Veterans are encouraged to display their military service credentials for all coding boot camps. Some discount is available for most of these bootcamps. Some even offer tuition breaks for veterans, spouses of veterans, or children of veterans. 

Scholarships for Women

Women have historically gotten underrepresented in tech companies, especially those in Silicon Valley. However, there are now many tuition scholarships and supports for women looking to attend coding bootcamps to better their lives and themselves. 

Some of the best scholarships for women in coding bootcamps include: 

  • Metis Scholarship for Women: Metis recognizes that women make up only a third of the coders in the United States. Their scholarship aims to find those women in dire situations. Still, it has the faculties and willingness to learn to code and get a good job after completing the courses. 
  • Tech Elevator Represent Tech Scholarship: Tech Elevator’s mission statement includes empowering underrepresented groups, such as women, in the tech industry. This scholarship asks participants for an essay about hardships they have faced. It provides the entire $15,000 tuition for coding boot camp to the recipient. 
  • DevPoint Labs Women in Tech Scholarship: DevPoint labs offers a 50% tuition scholarship for women who have faced difficulties in their lives. It asks the participants to write an essay and register for the coding boot camp of their choice. 

Women only make up about one-third of the coders in the tech industry. Many of these scholarships for women in tech and coding get aimed at empowering diverse populations of participants who have historically been called disenfranchised. The scholarships for women also consider the fact that women are more likely to be caregivers, so the money is used not just for themselves. 

Needs-Based Scholarships

Those in low-income jobs and struggling already before getting accepted into a coding boot camp might find some of the available scholarships very helpful. The best part about many needs-based scholarships is that they are given out plentifully and are easy to sign up for. 

Some of the best needs-based scholarships for coding bootcamps include: 

  • We Can Code IT Low-Income Scholarship: Since many people getting into coding bootcamps are looking for higher-paying jobs, this is a great scholarship option for them. If you qualify as low income, We Can Code IT offers you a $2,000 tuition break just for signing up. They give out many of these scholarships every year. 
  • Zipcode Wilmingham Need-Based Scholarship: Another great scholarship base on your current income is the $6,000 scholarship available from Zipcode coding bootcamps. All you need is to sign up and meet the qualifications. The company will most likely choose you for the scholarship if you get accepted to the coding boot camp of your choice. 

Getting into a coding boot camp is a step towards increasing your earning power and bettering your life. These companies recognize the struggle that many find in trying to access the education they need to improve their lives and offer these great scholarships. 

Best Online Coding Bootcamps

Online coding bootcamps are becoming more popular and include online materials, instruction, coaching, and job placement support. The convenience of online coding boot camps and support is obvious, especially for those who already work full-time. 

Even though many coding boot camps include online classes and support, only a few of them are considered exemplary and are listed below:  

  • CodeSmith: Offers online bootcamps for software engineering, including virtually all coding language classes. Offers online free weekly workshops, a variety of freely accessible content, and video conferencing with advisors. 
  • Practicum: Online software engineering and coding classes offer in-depth support and review of work for job placement. Coders designed this boot camp from Yandex, which is a top tech company. 
  • Altacademy: Curriculum in this boot camp runs the whole gamut of tech skills from back-end to front-end. Self-study design is excellent for people already working full-time and who need to create their learning schedule. 

Online coding education is one of the best ways to get finished with a coding Bootcamp. The ability to complete the courses from your home and make your schedule are invaluable resources for those who already work full time and are looking to make a transition to a new job or career. 

Most Popular Coding Language

Coding languages are numerous, and there are many different types that you could study in a coding boot camp. When you decide on a coding language, you decide which direction you want your career to take and which companies may hire you. 

Below is a list of some of the most popular coding languages that you could study at a coding boot camp:

  • C: The most searched and used coding language globally, C gets used by more than 12.5% of all internet traffic. 
  • Python: Overtaking Java as the number two most used coding structures globally, Python is versatile and an instrumental coding language to learn. It is also a coding language that most companies need coders to complete and will get you hired quickly. 
  • Java: At over 10% of the internet coding language, Java is a popular and creative coding language that is difficult to learn at first but very useful for creating websites with interactive displays. 
  • C++: This coding language has increased by .5% in use recently and is becoming more popular. Learning this coding language could land you a lucrative career in the tech industry. 
  • C#: Another coding language gaining popularity, studying this language is an excellent asset for your tool belt. This coding language should get learned in addition to a more widely used language like Java but is ideal as a supplementary coding language. 

There are dozens of coding languages that you could learn. Unfortunately, coding bootcamps usually only offer classes and support for those that are most popular. 

Learning a popular coding language helps you understand the basics and become employable. However, some coders may consider going back to coding bootcamps for more specific and rarer coding languages to become valuable employees in their companies. 

In Conclusion

Getting a job in the tech industry will give you financial gain and security. The most accessible access to the education you need for a tech career is through an intense and quick coding boot camp. The three to four months you spend studying is well worth the effort once you make the leap and become a coder at a tech company. 

Make sure you research and find the boot camp for coding that fits your particular budget and coding language needs. Good luck supporting your new career choice and future financial security by signing up for a coding boot camp!


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