Am I Too Old to Learn Coding?

Am I Too Old to Learn Coding?

Coding can be used for so many different reasons. Whether you want to learn to code for a different job or just for fun, the question of your age might come into play. As you age, you may not be able to do some of the things you use to do. 

Anyone at any age can learn to code. There is no set age cut-off for learning how to code. You may be surprised at how fast you can learn to code. If you have the time and resources, you can learn anything you would like at any age.

In this article, you will find out what it takes to learn how to code and tips along the way. While there is no age limit to code, you may find yourself wondering if you have what it takes to learn. Do you need to be advanced at using computers, or do you need to be a pro at math? Read on to have all of your questions answered.

Is There An Age Limit On Learning Coding?

There is not any type of age limit when it comes to coding. If you know how to turn on a computer and the basic function of one, you are set. While coding is not for everyone because it does take some patience, age has nothing to do with it. 

The only learning curve you may encounter is not so much with the coding but knowing how to use a computer. If you don’t use one often, it could take you a little bit of time. Therefore, you need to learn the basics of your computer before jumping into coding.

It is a good idea to watch YouTube videos if you have issues with different computer-related problems. It is very helpful to visualize what to do compared to reading about the problem and try to follow along. You will be on your way to learning to code which leads to the next part.

Learning to code at any age can be tricky at first; thankfully there are many different options. People of all ages can enroll in college to learn how to code if there is not someone local to hire to tutor you. Enrolling can mean a few different things such as:

  • Local community college – If you have the time and capability why not enroll in the community college in your town. Chances are it is close by and far less expensive than enrolling in a bigger college. You will get hands-on help to learn to code.
  • Online free courses – If that is not a right fit for you, there are always schools/sites that offer courses online for free or paid like Harvard online. 

Harvard online is the actual Harvard you are familiar with; they offer free courses that you can follow along with at home. If you want to be certified in that course, you can pay anywhere from $50 – $100 per course certification. You will be able to turn in homework and speak to the professor with the paid option. The free option is simply a lesson plan to follow.

If you want to learn how to code, it will not matter your age or your current capabilities. There are courses and lessons out there for everyone.

Do You Need to Be Good at Math to Be Good at Coding?

You do not technically need to be good at math or even like math to learn to code. However, you will come across math-related problems sometimes as examples when learning how to code, making learning somewhat difficult

This is a big question that people who would like to code may ask.

It will depend on the program or software you are using and what you want your end result to be. Sometimes, you can easily get away with knowing basic math; you can look it up if you encounter a problem.

If you know some basic algebra and did ok with high school math, you should be fine. If you hate the idea of ever needing to do any type of math, coding may not be a hobby or job for you.

How Hard Is It to Code?

It is not very hard for most people to learn how to code, but it does take some time to learn how to code. Coding is learning to read a different language and use it to tell your computer what you would like it to do. 

Some people may feel overwhelmed, while others jump right in. Coding is when you tack a human language and turn it into a machine language. There are different programs when it comes to coding, and it is best to learn each type.

The most popular types of languages are Java and Python. To code, you will need to learn both of these machine languages or at least be very familiar with them. With a few simple steps, you will be on your way to learning to code:

  • First, decide what type of project you would like to do. 
  • Next, you should get the software that you will need for the project.
  • Follow YouTube videos or read a coding book if you need to

Always learn coding by doing a project that you are interested in; after all, learning while doing something you want to code is smarter than one you have no interest in doing. Start small and be patient because everyone picks up coding at their own pace.

It may seem overwhelming at first when you dip your toes into the coding world, but after everything else you have learned over your life, this will be nothing. Coding can be something you start when you are middle-aged or it can be something you venture to try well after retirement age.

Is There a Difference Between Coding and Programming?

There is a difference between coding and programming. Coding tells your computer in a machine’s language what you would like to do, while programming is much bigger than coding. Coding is just a small part of programming. 

While learning to code, you will hear both of these terms quite often. They may seem like they are interchangeable, but they are not.

A great example from a blog post on UpGrad said, “You can program your clock to wake you up at 6 am. Also, you can program the AC to work on the temperature that you have chosen with the remote button that has codes at the backend to work with the set of instructions by the user.” 

This is a great example of how coding is just a small part of what programming actually can do. So, if you master coding, you can always move on to try and program computers. Yet again, it does not matter what age you are. 

Are There Different Types of Coding Programs?

As you now know, there are different types of coding programs, but what are they? Some of the most popular coding languages are:

  • C Language, C#, and C++ – These are all more advanced and not recommended for those just starting out. They are called middle-level programs 
  • HTML – A standard markup language to make websites, and it is also very easy to use
  • Java – This is more of a general-purpose geared towards web-based development.
  • JavaScript – Client-side programming that can process commands on a computer instead of a server. It is very easy to use.
  • Python – This is an advanced programming language built around flexible semantics; it is easy to learn and simple to read.
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails – An open-sourced web-based programming that is free to use and copy.
  • Swift – This is an apple open-source programming language

Don’t feel too overwhelmed, as you do not need to learn every single one of these coding programs. However, you need to be pretty fluent in some of them to make coding much easier. 

Places to Learn Coding Online

There are many different places you can go online to learn to code and get help with coding that is not a college. If you would rather just get a little bit of help, there may be a great option for you. Some of these places include:

  • Reddit’s learning program has a vast amount of knowledge from real people on their forum. You can find the program here.
  • Stack Overflow is a forum where you can search for any issues you may find someone else has already solved.
  • Look for local groups or just a person who knows how to code and can help you. The chances are that a family member may even know how to code. Always be safe and don’t meet strangers in their homes or anywhere that is not very public.
  • You can listen to a very informative podcast on your way to work or even while you are on a walk.

There are many resources found online, and you may even find someone willing to give lessons working one on one with you. You may be surprised at the number of relatives you have that know a little something about coding. Whichever you use a site or a person, you will start to figure out coding in no time.

What Types of Jobs Can You Do When You Can Code?

No matter your age, you can always learn a new hobby, but some may be trying to start a side job. Not only can you make a good amount of extra money you can keep busy. There are many jobs that you can apply for when you know how to code. They are also a very wide range from a beginner to advanced. Also, keep in mind some may require some type of degree.

Jobs that can be done with code knowledge:

  • Software App Developer –
  • Web Developer
  • Database Admin
  • Computer Programmer
  • Junior Web Developer – Beginner
  • Junior Web Designer – Beginner
  • Data Analyst – Beginner

Try being a freelancer, which can encompass all levels. As a freelancer, you may not need a degree if you can show what you can do. You can make a few websites for a small business owner in your town. The options are endless. You can create the terms and work from home. Build a nice portfolio.

Learning Coding At an Older Age

It is easy to see that anyone can technically code. How well you can catch on to the coding will determine how long before you can start coding independently. At first, you will have a lot of practice making fake codes. Then, you will slowly be able to write your codes and possibly dabble in programming. Whatever the age, in no time, you will be able to code effortlessly.


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