Will Coding Ever Become Obsolete? Here Are the Facts

Is coding becoming obsolete?

In the past few decades, coding has become an important job for the world’s infrastructure, but is it becoming obsolete with technological advancement? Today, many people fear that human coders will be replaced by AI. But is this a legitimate fear or just an unfounded dystopian concept? 

Coding will not become obsolete. AI coding hasn’t reached full automation yet. Even when it does, coders will still be needed because human logic and problem solving is still necessary.  But, in the face of advancement, the role of coders may change.

If you are in coding, planning on going into it, or simply interested in the field, we encourage you to keep reading.  We will discuss the relationship between humans and AI coders and why humans will still be important in the field even as technology advances. 

Will Coding become Obsolete? 

Humans will still be an important part of coding, even in the face of AI coders. Currently, there are aspects of human logic that AI can’t replicate.  Even as AI code writing advances, human oversite will still be needed for it to operate. 

It would be wrong to say that AI can’t code. In fact, many large companies, like Google, have created and are continually advancing AI technology that can write code. One thing that no one has been able to replicate yet though is human ingenuity. 

One of the biggest advantages that humans currently have is that AI code writing is still in its early stages. For example:

  • AI is still only able to write simple code. 
  • If the AI makes an error, it has a difficult time making corrections without human help. 
  • If an advanced code needs to be written, then it needs to be done by a human who can craft a specific and complicated code for whatever they may be working on. 
  • Even when doing simple things, such as bug identification, AI can still have a difficult time completing its intended operation. 

Now, you should know that many experts believe that we will get to the point that AI can handle code very efficiently.  Do not worry, though; even if this happens, coders will still have a job. The description will change a bit. 

Traditional coding will stay relevant for a long time. But even if AI takes over coding roles, people will still need those coding skills to solve the problems that a computer just can’t on its own. 

Should I be Open to AI Code-Writing?

AI code writing is becoming more and more important in the Tech industry. It is important to learn about it and even apply it when applicable to stay ahead of the curve. There are many ways in which automation will help coding become more efficient, which benefits both you and the consumer. 

As AIs change, it can be scary, especially when that change seems as though it is threatening your livelihood.  In the case of AI-writing code, it may be more prudent to accept it despite the fears you may have. In fact, the AI may eventually be able to assist your code writing and allow you to deliver even better work.

  • .Advancements show that AI can help you with the redundant side of coding.  That way, you can focus on the more in-depth aspects of it that require most of your attention.  This ability to put aside the less important things may help you do to your job more efficiently. 
  • There is also AI that is being made with a focus on bug identification, so in the future, debugging may no longer be a worry (Although, this type of AI is still inefficient as of now it is something to keep your eye on).  
  • There are even applications showing that it is effective in software testing. The better software testing you have, the better the user experience. 

All in all, AI-code writing is gearing up to help you write code efficiently and produce better software for your audience.  

Is Computer Science Still a Good College Degree? 

Despite advancing AI code writing, computer science is still a good college degree choice.  This field offers great salaries and many opportunities to skilled workers.  Computer Science also teaches many valuable life skills that can be brought over to other careers.  

Coding may be hard, but it is undoubtedly a great college degree path. One reason it is well worth looking into is because it leads to top-rated jobs.  A study by indeed showed that ten of the 25 best jobs of 2020 were related to some aspect of coding. 

Another great thing about coding is that it pays well too. Average salaries range around $70,000 a year. Some positions even offer six-figure salaries. For example, a software architect makes an average base salary of $119,715 a year. 

Computer technology is more prevalent than ever, and because of this, the need for coders is more prevalent than ever. In fact, there are one million unfilled IT jobs in the US alone. This is because in the US, only about 1% of the population can code, so it is a skill that is in high demand.  

Unfortunately, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for these jobs may go down in the US, because they think many companies will outsource due to lower wages. 

In spite of this, keep in mind that coding does teach valuable skills that can be translated over to other non-tech related careers. Some of the things it teaches are:

  • Problem Solving– A necessary skill needed in any and every career.
  • Project Planning– Knowing how to plan projects is valuable for any company.  If you have experience in managing people in those projects, then that is even better. 
  • Attention to Detail– As a coder, you will need to have great attention to detail, and you will hone this skill through the work that you do. Having great attention to detail will help you in many jobs, especially those that are technical and require an observant eye. 

As a coder, you will have a large set of skills to offer a plethora of employers, whether or not they are tech related. Because of this, it is a great college degree for anyone that knows they can take it on!

Coders Should not Worry

Coding will not become obsolete any time soon.  AI code writing is still in its infancy, and it will take a while for it to reach an efficient enough level in which it could possibly take over some coding jobs.

Even when the AI gets to a highly advanced point, we will still need coders to come up with the ideas that need to be coded. We will also need those with observant eyes to monitor the AI written code, checking for issues, and assisting when something crashes. All in all, AI will just make coding more efficient.

So, if you are already in coding, or interested in coding, forge ahead in this great career that offers many great life skills, salaries, and amazing opportunities. 










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