Why Is Coding So Hard?

Why Is Coding So Hard?

Coding has been around since the middle of the twentieth century, though technological advances have obviously made the invention more complex. With the world of coding seeming so difficult to navigate – with different programs, various projects to complete, and mounds of information and rules to follow – you might be a bit hesitant to start. So, why is coding so hard?

Coding is not overly difficult compared to other new ventures. Yes, you will have to have a knack for the inner workings of a computer, but if you are interested in something like coding, it is just another hobby. The reason coding seems so hard is because of its reputation.

Continue reading to learn more about why coding – at first glance – seems like such a difficult journey. You might come to find that it is only because of the constant need for, but equal lack of, coders that make it seem like such a daunting task.

Why Is Coding Hard?

In all honesty, the main reason coding seems hard is because of the speculation around it. Yes, it can help to have already developed certain skills, but learning the art of coding is similar to learning any other new thing. If you go into it thinking it is going to be the most difficult task ever, the chances are that you are not going to find much success.

So, why else is coding hard at first glance? What factors make its apparent rise in popularity seem so difficult? Do you have to have a special set of skills to be a successful coder or programmer? 

Coding seems hard for several reasons:

  • A career in coding is just barely gaining recognition
  • Coding involves computers, which many people find intimidating
  • Coding takes time, and few people are willing to invest what is required
  • You hear coding: you might think numbers, equations, and complex math
  • The capabilities of coding make smaller coding feats feel irrelevant

It is no secret that professional coding careers lack the spark of some other occupations. Sitting at a computer all day and working is not enticing to all people. Of course, those who know enough about coding understand that it is not all coding entails, but admittedly, it is a large part of it. Coding has not had the privilege of rising in popularity in the professional world, so beginner or amateur coders might not be as inclined to hone their craft.

Well… Coding Does Require Working with Computers

One reason people might stay away from coding altogether is the fact that coding is done on computers. Not everyone is as tech-savvy as you might be, so it makes sense that this reason is valid. Technology is constantly advancing, and having to keep up with individual changes – especially in the coding world – can be a hassle at worst, a challenge at best.

Even as a beginner, coding takes a lot of time. While it is not entirely difficult, you must be willing to dedicate hours at a time to learn the craft. If you do not, you will not be able to develop the necessary skills to succeed at coding. 

Just because something takes time does not mean it is difficult. On the other hand, what can seem more difficult is finding, or making, the time to set aside for you to learn how to code.

Don’t I Have to Be a Math Genius to Be Proficient at Coding?

One of the main aspects that push people away from computer programming is the thought that it revolves around mathematics. Math may not be inherently evil, but typically, you either understand it or you do not – at least for more complex mathematics. 

What most people do not know, however, is that, yes, coding requires math, but most of the time, you will be dealing with minor equations from things like geometry and algebra – subjects that the majority of people have been familiar with since high school.

Coders Are So Smart!

A fascinating aspect that actually might push people away from coding involves the achievements programmers have accomplished. From the most high-quality video games to developing seemingly sentient Artificial Intelligence, coding aids in the creation of countless projects. 

Because of this, beginners might be less confident in their minor accomplishments when compared to more advanced, professional work. 

As you can see, some of the popular arguments for why coding is hard do not necessarily involve the art of coding itself. Instead, they deal with outside circumstances and perceptions. As with any other venture, you should not be worried about the lack of people participating, the more advanced achievements of others in the field, and other trivial aspects that one might use to try to convince themselves not to continue or even start learning how to code.

Much of it comes down to a specific mindset. It is not the coding that is overly difficult; it is convincing yourself to start coding. No, it will not be the easiest hobby or job in the world, but once you immerse yourself and get a feel for what coding is like, you should find that your preconceived notions of the difficulty were flat-out wrong.

Does Coding Get Easier?

Although it is not the most difficult thing to learn, coding does require a certain amount of skill and patience. So, perhaps you’re wondering, as you become acquainted with the intricacies of coding and programming, does coding get easier? 

Well, learning how to code can involve several ups and downs. Much of this is due to the availability of resources.

What this means is that basically, once you reach a certain point in coding, as with most professions, the following techniques and information become increasingly difficult. This pattern continues; as you master the new information, you might hit a peak again, finding yourself faced with another entire set of rules and coding methods unfamiliar to you. 

There are Many Available Resources to Get You Started

When you first start learning how to code, there are countless resources to get you on your way. After you convince yourself to start, these resources make the initial learning so much easier. 

Because coding is increasing in popularity every day, you are going to have more access to basic techniques, programs, and more that will help you get a broad idea of what you are getting yourself into.

As you become more familiar with basic coding steps, however, you might find that there are fewer and fewer resources available to you. This is because as the art of coding seems to get more complex, fewer people are willing to continue. 

So, when fewer people refrain from developing their coding skills, you will not have as many personal accounts of what to do. This is perhaps the most difficult part of coding: not the coding itself, but the resources you have – or may not readily have – at your disposal.

When you first begin, you should have no problem whatsoever in finding online articles and information to help you dive into computer programming. But once you perfect the initial coding aspects, you will have to dig deeper for more information. It might not be as easy as online searches. More complex coding can be better explained through videos or books that you can find.

As said before, you might find that this pattern continues until you become a master at coding, capable of holding a professional computer programming position. Before you reach this accomplishment, much of the struggle will involve finding people with more experience than you who are willing to mentor and lead you to success. If you can do this, coding will become increasingly more familiar and easily navigable. 

How Can I Make Coding Easier?

If you are determined to learn how to program, there are a few steps you should keep in mind on your journey. Just to reiterate, it is not necessarily the act of coding that makes it difficult, but the initial conviction that you should start paired with obstacles along the way. Still, there are ways to make coding easier.

Interact With The Coding World As You Learn New Information

One of the best ways to improve your coding skills is by getting hands-on experience. It is one thing to read an article online to get basic information on how to start coding. 

What would benefit you more is if, as you browse the article, you are actively navigating a beginner’s coding software to see in real-time what the basic elements are like to control. 

Actually, beginning to code is a much more sure-fire way to start developing those skills than simply reading about how to do so.

Keep The Basics Of Coding In Mind

Oftentimes, school subjects do not always build off of each other. Besides things like mathematics or a new language, you might not be familiar with remembering the basics of what you first learned. 

For coding, even the most basic information must be kept in mind because it serves as the basis for complex programming. It is important to retain as much information as you can. 

If you are a video game designer, you will still be using the information that you learned from the first day of your interaction with the coding world.

Take Advantage Of The Coding Resources At Your Disposal

As you become better at coding, you might indeed have trouble finding online articles that explain more complex coding methods. 

If you can, find professional programmers in your area. Ask to speak with them – even for a short time – to pick their brain about the intricacies of coding. Who knows; if they accept, you might even have a solid foundation on which to build relationships with others in the coding industry.

Is It Hard To Get A Coding Job?

If you have basic competency in programming, this is a promising sign. What you might not know is that it is not entirely difficult to get a coding job. Of course, you must have the cliche attitudes that come with any professional endeavor: 

  • Hard-working 
  • Committed
  • Willing
  • Dedicated, etc. 

But there are other factors at play here, too.

Because coding seems so daunting to so many people, working professionally as a programmer is not necessarily a popular career choice. So, if you work your way up to mastering the art of coding, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there is an excess of availability out there. Companies are constantly looking for reliable programmers because they are hard to find.

Even if you are not the most advanced coder, many companies might be willing to hire you and train you at the same time. While you are working for them, they will actively help you develop your coding skills so that you can reach your highest potential and help their company at the same time.

How Do I Start Coding?

You have already been exposed to a bit of information on what to expect as you begin coding, but how exactly do you begin? Starting coding is just like starting to learn any other activity. Below are some steps you can follow when you begin your path to coding.

Have Access To Coding Software

The first thing you need to start coding is actual coding software. If you are not trying to spend a lot of money on your coding needs, there are plenty of free coding software options available. Pro Tip: Keep in mind that just because you have to pay for it does not make it reliable. Do your research on free software to see if it will suffice.

Get Info About Coding From Online Sources, Books, Etc.

As said earlier, much of your initial learning will come from the plethora of sources available to you online. If you prefer more concrete information, you might choose to buy one or more coding books instead. 

Either way, find multiple sources from which you can get basic ideas about coding.

Start Your Own Coding Project

Once you feel you have gathered enough information, you should start your own coding project. Although, it is still important to continue learning about the coding process as you immerse yourself in hands-on experience. 

Starting and finishing your own projects is an excellent way to build your confidence while also beginning to develop a portfolio for yourself.

Hone Your Coding Craft

Once you start becoming more familiar with different coding aspects, you might want to start mastering your abilities. You can do this through: 

  • Increased research 
  • Personal projects
  • Finding classes and seminars to teach you more information
  • Researching job opportunities looking for coders at your level 

One of the best ways to become better at coding is by constantly challenging yourself to be better every day.

Is Coding A Boring Job?

Some people stay away from coding because they think the career choice is boring. If this is why you are not interested in coding, that is fine, but why have you read this far in the article? Surely you have got some interest in coding. 

Regardless, those who say coding is a boring job have likely never been a programmer.

Yes, the process of learning how to code can be difficult and/or boring at times. However, that is true of any complex career choice. Not everything is going to be a breeze. Once you get past the challenges of learning how to code, however, coding is far from boring. 

Consider all of the programs you can create for people to use around the world: 

  • Video games 
  • Mobile applications
  • Security for websites 
  • So much more 

Coding is such a neat endeavor because it can be used for so many outlets.


If you are interested in coding, ancillary talk of it being hard should not scare you away. It is not that coding is so difficult, but that starting any new hobby or career choice is always going to cause a bit of skepticism. 

If you are interested and dedicated to honing your coding craft, you will be able to get over the supposed difficulty of learning how to do so.








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