Java Vs. Javascript: Which Should You Learn First?

Instant learning doesn’t exist in the programming world. Regardless of what you want to learn, you have to practice it and give it time. When you learn a coding language for the first time, it might feel like learning a new language. And like any other language, it can be a time-consuming activity. The more time you give to understanding the language, the more coherent you become. In this Java vs. JavaScript comparison, you will learn which programming language you should learn.

If you are new to programming, you should know that programming languages are difficult to learn. Therefore, learning all the top languages at once is a poor strategy. Keep in mind that you have to learn and master one language first, and then you can start with the second one. If you start many of these languages at once, you won’t understand the programming framework.

How to Get Started with Programming?

If you want to start your career in programming, you should set your goal for five or ten years. Decide where you want to see yourself at a certain time. Once you know your target, you should choose whether you want to become a front-end or backend developer.

A front-end developer must have artistic skills to design web or mobile applications. Meanwhile, a backend developer focuses on programming logic. You have to learn front-end and backend development to become a full-stack developer. But, this takes time. You have to develop individual skills to become a full-stack developer. But, the question arises, what language should you learn first?

To choose the programming language that you should start with, you must consider the following criteria:

  • What are the current popular languages in the market?
  • Is it easy to learn that language?
  • What type of projects can you perform with this language?

Now let’s compare the top two languages and decide which one you should choose first.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language that allows you to type values to save variables. It is a powerful language developed in 1996. You can use Java for a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Mobile and web applications from companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and eBay are part of Java programming. 

Whether you want to develop an Android-based or Windows-based application, you can use Java. Even developers working on the Internet of Things use Java to program various devices. It is a static programming language and contains inflexible syntax to declare variables.

Using Java, you have to declare specific variables and connect them with strings for tasks and activities. Once you create a program, it will remain active for your entire lifetime. This means that you can create templates and structures and use them to produce new objects and projects. Objects are data structures that contain information about the task.

Java language requires a lot of coding to perform even simple tasks. For instance, if you want to print a series of texts, you have to write the class declaration. Now you have to design the main method to perform the task. You can automate the task by running specific codes.

Since Java programming language allows you to manage the capacity for data handling and task stability, you can use it for critical tasks like:

  • Scientific computing
  • App development
  • Large-scale production in the automotive industry
  • Hardware and Internet of Things
  • Back-end development

Java language allows you to create complicated frameworks. That’s why learning this language is an arduous task. To master the language, you require years of practice. If you are new to programming, Java could be your first step.

What is JavaScript?

If you want to create an interactive website or games, you should learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a dynamically typed programming language and has flexible syntax. You can customize variables and reassign them to different data types.

JavaScript doesn’t allow you to create code patterns because it is a prototype-based programming language. The recent JavaScript update allows programmers to create a class. But, adding functions and classes in this programming language isn’t important. You can write a single line of code to perform complicated tasks. That’s why JavaScript is easy to learn and has a reduced risk of bugs and errors.

JavaScript is the language of the web and offers unique features to web developers. You can use this programming language for front-end projects. Also, the language contains huge APIs and libraries that allow programmers to perform out-of-the-box tasks. You can even use JavaScript for backend development with the help of Node.js. According to a survey, more than half of the developers use Node.js.

Learning JavaScript is a skill that will benefit you in a wide range of professions. You don’t have to learn the language only if you want to pursue a career in programming. For instance, if you are an entrepreneur, learning JavaScript will help you create or personalize your business website. That way, you can better manage your website.

Java Vs. JavaScript: Which Should You Learn First?

Now that you have a basic idea about both programming languages, you can easily compare Java vs. JavaScript. Comparing the languages, you can make an informed decision to start a career in programming. For instance, if you are a web developer, JavaScript would be your first choice. On the other hand, if you want to develop applications for mobile devices, you should choose Java instead.

However, if you haven’t decided on your career path yet, starting with JavaScript would be the best bet. JavaScript has few complications and variables. You don’t have to remember the long rigid syntax. Also, you can develop a great understanding of a programming language with JavaScript because of its simplicity.

Although JavaScript is a simple programming language, you still need time to adapt to it. Initially, you will make mistakes. But with time, you will start to improve.

On the other hand, learning Java requires time because of the complicated framework and rigid syntax. But, learning this complex language would be beneficial for your career. With this language, you can learn complicated hierarchy and structure. By learning Java first, you will develop a solid foundation. However, you have to give more time and effort to learn the language.


Learning a programming language is a roller coaster ride. You might find the language and its structure confusing with time. But, once you start getting the concept, things will be easier for you. All you have to do is set goals, organize learning material, and stick to a plan.

You can find many resources to learn programming languages on the internet. Once you choose the language you want to start with, you can search on Google and YouTube for relevant material. But keep in mind you should limit yourself to one language. After mastering the first language, you can move to the next. 

Learning multiple languages will unlock new opportunities for you. However, you have to choose the right language to start with. This Java vs. JavaScript comparison would be an introductory piece to help you choose the language to start you off. Once you make the right pick, you have to search for the right learning material and keep practicing.

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