How Long Does It Take To Learn To Code?

If you’re an amateur who wants to learn how to code, you’re probably curious about how long it will take you to reach an expert level of coding. You need to consider many factors when you’re an amateur trying to learn code. 

How long does it take to learn to code?

The first thing you should know is that there is no specific duration when you should learn how to code, and it depends solely on how good you are at computer programming. The more aware you are of the vast computer programming world, the more quickly you’ll be able to grasp the concept of coding. 

That being said, a few factors can help you decide how long it can take you to code. Once you fully understand these factors, you can use them to your advantage.

It is important to note, however, that it can take years to master coding, but it won’t necessarily take long to learn to code. Mastering any art can take you a good few years, and it is the same for coding.

Factors That May Help You Determine How Long It Can Take You to Code

How Familiar You Are With Coding Skills

If you’re familiar with the different coding skills, you’ll learn coding in no time. One skill you must have to learn to code is your ability to understand code concepts. If you have a good grasp of the coding concepts, it can be easier for you to learn to code.

Another skill that can reduce your time to learn code is your ability to adopt new technologies. Many new coding technologies make the process more efficient and quick. If you’re familiar with new tech, you can learn to code quickly. 

Memory Retention

Coding can be an excellent option if you have a good memory. Coding requires you to learn extensive programming languages, and you must have a good command of these languages, so if you have good memory retention, you can learn to code quickly.

Motivation to Learn Coding

One of the most important things about learning to code quickly is your motivation. If you’re passionate about coding, the whole process will be easier and more fun for you, but grasping concepts can be challenging if you’re coding for any other reason. 

You should only learn to code only if you’re willing to invest your time and effort into it, or you’ll most likely get bored along the learning journey.

Make sure you’re keeping yourself properly motivated throughout your coding journey.

You can keep things interesting by learning different coding skills, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to one specific coding language. You can learn a lot of other programming languages when you start coding.

Keep on reflecting on your long-term goals when you’re coming to stay motivated. An expert coder can create applications and websites and earn a lot of money. Therefore, you need to remember why you started in the first place.

How And Where You Can Learn Coding?

If you’re an amateur looking to learn to code, there are a few places you can look to get a good grasp of computer programming.

Coding Boot Camp

Coding Boot camps are an excellent place for you to learn how to become a junior developer. They teach you different coding skills, which are necessary for you if you want to become a programmer. 

There are different durations of coding boot camps you can choose from. If you’re looking to learn to code quickly, there are 3-month programs in which you can enroll. 3-month coding boot camps are usually crash courses, and you learn a lot of things in a small duration.

There are online coding boot camps you can opt for if you want to learn coding from the comfort of your home. You can choose between full-time and part-time options depending on your availability so make sure to select a program that works best for you. 


There are a lot of sources online for coding that you can choose from. If you’re passionate about coding, you can find many online platforms explicitly designed for beginner coders looking to learn online. 

Self-teaching requires discipline, however, and if you’re not motivated enough to learn to code, you’ll most likely get bored in a few months. Only the most driven individuals can learn to code because it is a dull and complex job.

Register for an Online Course

Many universities offer students extensive and detailed computer programming courses if you have the money to fund the course. 

You can learn many things in programming, so there are different courses for computer programming. If you’re motivated enough, computer programming can offer you a lot to learn, and you can choose many other career options.

Try to take full advantage of these courses and ensure you’re not just wasting your hard-earned money if you’re not fully motivated.

Tips To Learn Coding Quickly  

Learning how to code can be challenging and a complex task to achieve, and only the driven individuals who are passionate about coding can succeed in this endeavor. The first thing you need to know is that you have to be patient. If you’re not patient enough, coding can look dull and monotonous so try to find ways to keep yourself motivated throughout the learning process. 

You can use some of these tips to help you learn to code quickly. 

Focus On the Basics

The fundamentals of coding are an integral part of the coding process, and if you’re not entirely confident with your basics, it can be a problem for you in the long term. Therefore, you need to learn the basics at your fingertips until you’re sure you can move ahead with more advanced coding. There are many things to learn in coding, and if you’re not good with the basics, you’ll likely have trouble understanding the later stages of coding.

Learn One Thing at a Time

If you’re cramming all the knowledge at once, you’ll most likely get frustrated and bored with coding quickly. You need to make sure you’re learning one thing at a time, or you’ll forget the basics and get confused quickly. 

There are a lot of programming languages you can learn when you’re coding, so make sure you’re giving your time to each programming language before moving on to the next one. A good example is if you’re learning Python, ensure you’re not trying to learn Java or C++ simultaneously. You might think you’re competent enough to take on two languages at once, but your brain can’t handle too much information at one time.

Try To Stay Motivated 

The biggest obstacle most coders face is staying motivated throughout their learning journey. The challenge has the same motivation levels as when you started coding, which is almost impossible for most coders. 

You get bored along the way when you have to do the same thing repeatedly. One thing you should know is that only the people who are passionate about coding can be successful programmers. You need to give your time and effort into coding, and most coders get frustrated along the way, so make sure you’re driven enough.

An excellent way to stay motivated is to constantly take breaks in between. It can get frustrating to code for continuous hours, so ensure you’re rewarding yourself with long breaks. 

A good time to learn to code is at night, and you’ll find most coders working at night. It is a complex job, and working during late hours keeps you away from distractions you’ll encounter during the day. 

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